We engineer and manufacture customized
biomedical textiles, specializing in braided and
nonwoven components for medical devices.

Precision Micro-Braiding for Implantable Devices

US BioDesign is proud to be leading the biomedical industry with research, innovation, and development in medical fabric and medical textiles.

Our latest whitepaper—entitled "Precision Micro-Braiding for Implantable Devices"—is focused on opportunities in the biomedical textile field resulting from the use of micro-braids in braided textile structure. US BioDesign is a pioneer in creating braided medical fabrics with fine metallic and polymeric filaments.

"Precision Micro-Braiding for Implantable Devices" can be read online by clicking on one of the three parts below, and is also available as a PDF. 

Part One:  Braiding Overview and Micro-Braiding Engineering 

In the biomedical industry, braiding is the intertwining of at least three filaments in a diagonally overlapping pattern. In this section of the whitepaper, we investigate why medical braiding has become such an invaluable capacity for skilled biomedical textile designers. 

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Part Two: Micro-Braiding in Implantable Devices

Micro-braiding has created new opportunities in the implantable medical device industry. From cardiovascular applications to neurovascular, micro-braiding is a game changer through its precise abilities. 

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Part Three: When Biomedical Engineering and Textile Engineering Converge

In the biomedical textile industry, every factor matters speed, size, design, and materials. US BioDesign brings together sophisticated biomedical engineering and textile engineering, providing a "customer first" approach to all projects. In the third and final part of this whitepaper, we investigate how this collaborative and innovative approach to micro-braiding fuels success.

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