We engineer and manufacture customized
biomedical textiles, specializing in braided and
nonwoven components for medical devices.

OEM Manufacturing for Biomedical Textiles

Braid Pennsylvania, USA

Biomedical textile manufacturing is the process of using textile technology to develop and manufacture a variety of components designed specifically for use with medical devices. The medical devices that incorporate biomedical textiles are used for many applications including cardiovascular, neurovascular, orthopedic, and general surgery.

Because they are engineered for use with implantable medical devices, biomedical textile components may be designed with certain properties that make them compatible with the human body:

  • Flexibility or stiffness
  • Conformability to the body
  • Tensile strength and/ or durability
  • High or low porosity
  • Compact, collapsible design with shape memory
  • The ability to integrate into the body via tissue in-growth

US BioDesign manufactures lifesaving biomedical textiles for implantable medical devices. We particularly specialize in all types of braided structures, including heat treated nitinol braids and formed nitinol shapes; high strength braided actuation cables for use in robotic surgery and steerable catheters, and custom braided high strength suture material. Each product is specifically developed and tested to meet specific client specifications.

Our Manufacturing Facility

The US BioDesign manufacturing facility is located in Eastern Pennsylvania, convenient to Philadelphia. Our facility is designed specifically for manufacturing biomedical textiles. We use state-of-the-art equipment, much of it customized to our specifications. We are constantly expanding our post-processing equipment such as:

  • Validated USP deionized water system
  • Thermally controlled ultrasonic water bath systems
  • Fluidized bed furnace
  • Salt bath furnace
  • Semi-automatic and manual visual inspection systems
  • DSC testing equipment
  • Segregated chemistry process lab
  • Tubular-profile braiding equipment from 4-ends to 288 ends
  • Flat-profile braiding equipment from 3-ends to 25-ends

Our 288-end medical braider is the largest-known, dedicated medical braider in the world.

US BioDesign Offers Advantages in Biomedical Textile OEM Manufacturing

When selecting an OEM manufacturer to bring your design to life, there are many factors to consider. US BioDesign understands how important it is to create a working relationship with our clients, and we ensure that your needs will always be met. Our talented team of engineers and technicians have many years’ experience working with medical device engineers to develop medical textiles that enable optimal performance of many types of implantable medical devices.

We offer a variety of benefits, including:

Quality Assurance

One of the most important characteristics to consider in an OEM manufacturer is whether they are going to produce the quality of products that you need. At US BioDesign, we ensure quality in our biomedical textiles because we are certified to the same ISO standard as our medical device customers – ISO 13485.


It’s important that an OEM manufacturer understands the goals of the client and is always working to meet those goals throughout the manufacturing process. One way that we serve our customers is to invite them to visit, meet our manufacturing team and observe their product during the development phase. That way, client engineers can make real-time decisions about product refinements or process conditions of their project. Allowing our clients to observe the manufacturing process can accelerate a development project and help control costs and the all-important timeline.

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We offer biomedical OEM manufacturing services to the medical device industry. We will focus on creating custom designed, implantable textile constructs made of polymeric and/or metallic raw materials for a variety of applications.  We have unique expertise in braiding, shaping and heat treating fine nitinol wire, including etching or electro-polishing as a finishing step.

To learn more about our manufacturing processes and capabilities for biomedical textiles or visit our facility, contact US BioDesign today. Additionally, please browse our Virtual Sample Kit for inspiration from samples of our technology.

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