We engineer and manufacture customized
biomedical textiles, specializing in braided and
nonwoven components for medical devices.

Tubular Braids and Shaped Nitinol for Biomedical Applications

High Precision Nitinol Tubing & Braided Shapes

The shape memory and superelasticity of nitinol, combined with its ability to be produced in wire form thinner than 20 micrometers, make it an ideal material for making high-precision, implantable medical devices. US BioDesign is a leading innovator in the design and engineering of braided nitinol constructs, including shaped nitinol braid for use in implantable devices and other biomedical applications.

We work closely with your engineering team to select the optimal nitinol wire diameter, or combination of diameters to develop and produce custom nitinol tubular braids and shaped nitinol components that match your precise specifications. We can take your project from the initial development stage of prototyping to full-scale production. Our world-class manufacturing capabilities—many of which are unique in the industry---ensure superior quality, consistency, and precision for your products. We encourage formal, mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements and guarantee confidentiality regarding all customer designs and product information.

We areISO 13485:2016 registered.

Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy

Nitinol is a nickel titanium (NiTi) alloy that exhibits excellent shape memory characteristics and superelasticity thanks to thermo-elastic martensitic phase transformation.

Nickel-titanium alloys present themselves in two crystal structures: Martensitic and Austenitic. Before heat treatment, Nitinol wire is Martensitic. This is less stable than the Austenite phase and the material does not present shape memory or superelastic properties. When heated under tension to correct temperature and time, the wire will approach onset of the phase transformation to Austenite phase. Austenitic nitinol wire is stronger and more stable than Martensitic. The transition between these two phases is both instantaneous and reversible over multiple cycles.


Braided Component Group

Sample kit of Braided Medical Textiles

Blue colored medical braided tubes, ready for inspection

Combination materials used in braided tubes

Close-up view of blue monofilament braided tubes

Braided cable with color marker

Flexible braided tubes

Close-up of complex braided tube

Braided tubes using 2x2 wire pattern

Flexible braided tube with platinum marker wires

Braided tubes follow a contour

Biomedical Applications for Shaped Nitinol & Nitinol Tubing

  • Distal protection filters
  • Clot retrievers
  • Stents
  • Valve frames
  • and more

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