We engineer and manufacture customized
biomedical textiles, specializing in braided and
nonwoven components for medical devices.

Flat Braids, Tapes, & Tethers for Biomedical Applications

Manufactured from biocompatible polymers, flat braided tape, and high strength tethers are used in a range of medical applications, from orthopedic surgeries to treat sports-related injuries and beyond. US BioDesign is the industry’s leading manufacturer of biomedical flat braids, flat tape, and flat tethers, and will work with you to develop the perfect custom solution for your unique needs.

Customized Medical Tape, Tethers & Braided Structures

We specialize in engineering and manufacturing customized biomedical textiles and components. Our capabilities enable us to create flat braids, tape, and tethers that match the specific requirements of your application. We will work with your engineering team to develop the solution you need.

Flat braided structures generally have a single layer of wire or yarn, or may be produced by flattening braided tubes after the braiding process to create a double layer. In most cases, flat braided structures are more stable than flattened braided tubes, although the latter allows for greater overall widths.

Flat medical tapes and flat medical tethers can be manufactured in various widths and in extremely long lengths, as your application requires.

Material Options for Biomedical Tape, Tethers & Braids

We have extensive experience working with biocompatible raw materials for use in implantable medical devices. Many of our biomedical tape, tethers, and braided structures are manufactured from high strength polymeric filament yarns, such as UHMWPE and Aramid. Other common options include 100% polymeric yarns (monofilament or multifilament), or a combination of wire and polymeric yarn.

Based on your application and performance requirements, we will help you determine which material is right for your needs. Biocompatible material options include, but are not limited to:

  • Nitinol
  • Stainless steel (various alloys)
  • Cobalt chrome
  • Radiopaque wire materials (tantalum, platinum, tungsten, etc.)
  • Biocompatible monofilament and multifilament polymeric yarns
    • polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, ePTFE, PEEK, etc.
  • Resorbable medical yarns (PLLA, PLGA, PGA, etc.)

Lot traceability is of critical importance when we select biocompatible raw materials. All of our key suppliers are selected and approved for their ability to supply materials with traceable certificates of analysis.

Flat braided structures in different widths

Flat braided structure in long length

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US BioDesign has the engineering knowledge and experience to develop and produce biomedical products that meet our customers’ specifications and exceed expectations. We offer engineer-to-engineer collaboration for projects of all sizes to ensure that we deliver the perfect solution for your medical application. Request a quote or contact us today to start your project or to learn more. Additionally, please browse our Virtual Sample Kit for inspiration from samples of our technology.