We engineer and manufacture customized
biomedical textiles, specializing in braided and
nonwoven components for medical devices.

Advantages of Biomedical Textiles for Implantable Devices

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Tight manufacturing tolerances are often required when manufacturing biomedical textile components used in implantable medical devices. To achieve them, component manufacturers need to start with the highest quality raw materials. US BioDesign has established relationships with top raw material suppliers from all over the world. Our suppliers work with us to ensure their products meet our specifications for purity, quality, and function.

Benefits of Biomedical Textiles when Designing Medical Implantable Devices

The advantages of choosing biomedical textiles for implantable medical devices include:

  • Biocompatibility: At US BioDesign, our biomedical textile components are manufactured from known sources of biocompatible materials. We utilize qualified, world-class laboratories to test and evaluate materials to ensure fitness for use in a specific medical application.

  • Traceability: As an ISO 13485 registered manufacturer, we understand the importance of traceability from receipt of raw material to shipment of finished product. Our internal material tracking system provides assurance that our document certifications are correct.

  • Strength, Stiffness, Flexibility, Dimension, Shape: One advantage to working with a custom-OEM manufacturer is that you have direct input into critical design criteria for your textile construct. Determine the most critical physical property criteria for the textile component of your project, and we will help you design it.

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