Medical-First Approach to Lifesaving Biomedical Textile Engineering

Closed end custom braided material for biomedical textile manufacturing.

The ideal biomedical textile manufacturer offers exceptional textile expertise, but also, deep experience working with biomedical device engineers. US BioDesign is that manufacturer. Our senior engineering and leadership teams have over 100 years of combined experience in the medical device and textile engineering industries. A typical development conversation starts with understanding what, why, and how a medical device will interact with the body’s anatomy and then the discussion can shift to understanding the performance needs and raw material requirements of the biomedical textile component.

Specializing in nitinol braiding and post-processing of braided constructs, US BioDesign delivers unmatched knowledge and innovation for lifesaving biomedical structures, medical fabrics, and custom materials for a wide range of medical applications. We know time-to-market is critical, and our experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques enable us to give your projects the attention they deserve. The faster we can deliver products or samples to you, the sooner you can get your product to the market.

Our Services: Putting You First

We offer custom engineering and product development services for biomedical textiles, and provide complete manufacturing services for both prototypes and samples. We serve as an extension of your engineering team to help develop the right biomedical textile solution. We pride ourselves on efficiency; knowing the importance of moving quickly to design freeze and then qualification and scale-up activities. Because the integrity of your designs is important to you, we keep your proprietary information secure by maintaining 100% confidentiality.

At US BioDesign, putting the customer first is the bedrock of our corporate culture and the corner-post for achieving excellent customer service. Every member of our team is committed to understanding customer requirements and meeting or exceeding expectations with our finished products and on-time shipments.

Request a quote for custom lifesaving biomedical textiles, or contact US BioDesign to learn more.

Request a quote for custom biomedical textiles, or contact US BioDesign to learn more.