We engineer and manufacture customized
biomedical textiles, specializing in braided and
nonwoven components for medical devices.
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OEM Manufacturing

Pennsylvania, USA

US BioDesign manufactures biomedical textiles for implantable medical devices. We specialize in all types of braided structures and nonwoven felts. Each product is custom engineered and tested to meet a specific client specification.

Our Manufacturing Facility

The US BioDesign manufacturing facility is located in Pennsylvania. The facility was designed specifically for manufacturing biomedical textiles. We use state-of-the-art equipment, much of it customized to our specifications. We are constantly expanding our post processing equipment such as ultrasonic deionized water bath, fluidized bed furnace, optical inspection system, etc. One of our medical braiders is the largest in the world, capable of braiding up to 288 strands at once. The equipment we use to manufacture nonwoven felt has components purposely developed for  implantable medical fabrics, and was custom built to our specifications.

Customer Focus

One way that US BioDesign serves our customers is to invite them to visit, meet our manufacturing team and observe their product during production. That way, client engineers can make real-time decisions about product refinements or process conditions during the development phase of their project. Allowing our clients to observe the manufacturing process can accelerate a development project and help control costs and the all-important timeline.

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To learn more about our process for manufacturing biomedical textiles, visit our facility or see our manufacturing equipment, contact US BioDesign today.