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Nonwoven Felts for Biomedical Textile Applications

Nonwoven Felts

Innovations in the field of biomedical textile technology have made many life-saving devices and procedures possible. One such innovation is “nonwoven,” PTFE (Teflon) felt, often used as pledgets in conjunction with sutures in order to protect soft tissues. At US BioDesign, we custom-manufacture PTFE felts to client specifications. We also have experience designing felts with other resorbable and non-resorbable polymers. We take pride in having developed equipment and effective processes for working efficiently with high value, specialty fibers.

Purity of Nonwoven PTFE Felt

There are two ways in which we ensure that our nonwoven PTFE felts are suitable for biomedical applications. First, we designed our equipment with stainless steel components for areas in contact with the fiber to greatly reduce the possibility of particulate contamination caused by surface oxidation. Second, we work with naturally white PTFE fiber purchased directly from a world-class, leading supplier of PTFE suture materials to the medical device industry. Fiber is fully certified by the manufacturer, including lot control from their resin supplier.

Design Considerations for Nonwoven Medical Felt

When your project gets to the final stage of development where critical refinements happen, we will encourage your engineers to visit our manufacturing facility and work alongside our engineering team to get real time feedback during the manufacturing process. At US BioDesign, we believe that a hands-on approach can enable successful development results far more effectively and efficiently than a conference call ever could.

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