We engineer and manufacture customized
biomedical textiles, specializing in braided and
nonwoven components for medical devices.
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Implantable Braided & Nonwoven Textiles for Medical Devices

General Surgery

Medical implants need to match the physical attributes of all body parts, including organs, bones, soft tissues and more. Braided tubular structures and flat braided cables can provide strength, flexibility, conformability, compaction and porosity approaching the body’s natural characteristics, to assist in short- or long-term repairs of vital tissues, organs and skeletal components.

US BioDesign has achieved a leadership position by developing its own process for manufacturing 100% PTFE nonwoven felt for general surgery. Raw materials are sourced from a major European manufacturer who supplies PTFE surgical sutures for the medical industry, and all manufacturing of felt occurs at our facility in Pennsylvania USA. Our nonwoven felt product begins with natural white PTFE fiber – not brown fiber that has been bleached white by a chemical process. The advantage of PTFE nonwoven felt from US BioDesign is certified for purity and traceability of raw material.

American-Made Nonwoven Medical Felts

Nonwoven PTFE felt is manufactured at our Pennsylvania facility under strict quality control using special equipment designed by our engineers and custom-built for this process. Critical metallic surfaces of the production line which are in contact with medical-grade fiber are fabricated from stainless steel to eliminate possible contamination by metal oxides. With our experience and expertise, we develop nonwoven medical felts of any density or thickness to meet the requirements of most general surgery applications - especially those that require use of surgical pledgets. PTFE pledgets are used as a protective cushion between strong, thin suture material and delicate tissues, especially during many peripheral vascular and cardiac repair procedures.

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