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Braided Structures for Cardiovascular Devices using Nitinol, PET, UHMWPE or PTFE

Cardiovascular Medicine

Cutting-edge textile technology continues to enable amazing new implantable biomedical structures that were inconceivable just a few years ago. At US BioDesign, we maintain a solid position on the front lines of innovation for cardiovascular medicine. Some of the most exciting innovations to appear in the field of cardiovascular medicine are biomedical structures that can be incorporated into medical devices that can make major repairs to heart valves, heart muscle, or vasculature with relatively minor surgical impact to the body. This life-saving technology is made possible in part to modern engineered textiles.

US BioDesign develops and manufactures textile structures to meet the exacting design criteria of cardiovascular research physicians and biomedical device engineers. Our development process begins with a collaborative approach to discuss the goals and objectives of each new project with clients to understand the biomedical requirements of the textile structure and its role in the function of the medical device. We specialize in developing tubular braids and flat braids using implantable raw materials, especially Nitinol, PET, PP and UWMWPE.

Additionally, we have capabilities to develop and manufacture nonwoven felts that meet custom design requirements, such as 100% PTFE felts and pledgets, which are essential to certain suture applications associated with cardiac surgery. Our engineering and manufacturing teams take pride in delivering the ideal solution for your cardiovascular application.

Collaboration with Biomedical Engineers to Develop and Implement Biomedical Textile Solutions for Cardiovascular Applications

We develop unique textile solutions to biomedical device requirements by collaborating with your biomedical engineers to first understand the biological needs of the device component.  After the anatomical requirements and limitations are defined we often are able to develop multiple textile solutions using our extensive medical braiding technology.
Whether you have an initial sketch or a completed prototype with scale drawings, we will work with you to refine your designs for optimum form, function, manufacturability and quality. We leverage our experience and expertise, to work as an extension of your engineering team to develop custom medical textiles that match your unique requirements for function and application. There are never any patent issues when working with US BioDesign because we do not hold any medical device patents. In fact, we are quite willing to work with your engineers to help strengthen your device patents, which may give your company an edge against the competition.  We maintain strict confidentiality regarding all customer designs and product information.

Custom Braiding Technology Provides Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Needs

US BioDesign can handle all aspects of your medical device development project, from the development phase to full production, from verification to validation, quickly and cost-effectively. Our manufacturing processes are conducted under clean, carefully controlled environmental conditions. We are ISO 19485:2003 registered. 

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