We engineer and manufacture customized
biomedical textiles, specializing in braided and
nonwoven components for medical devices.
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Biomedical Textiles: About US BioDesign


When we started US BioDesign in 2011, we had a choice to launch a company with a broad range of technologies, or narrow our focus to a few unique specialties. We chose the second option. As a result, we are able to offer exceptional experience and deep knowledge of the raw materials and manufacturing methods necessary to produce braided and nonwoven biomedical textiles.

What We Do

At US BioDesign we specialize in Biomedical Textiles in the following fields:

Us BioDesign is an industry leader in the biomedcial textiles industry and has been providing top of the line products since 2011. In the world of the ever changing biomedical industry it pays to be on the cutting edge of design and development. We help project managers and engineers from all over the USA get their projects from research and development into full production. We have a strong focus on braided medcial textiles. If you need help with your project Contact US BioDesign today.

Our Team

At US BioDesign, our team comprises engineers, technicians and management professionals who share a deeply-held enthusiasm about the work that we do. Our combined experience exceeds 100 years of service to the medical device industry; designing, developing and manufacturing biomedical textiles.

Our Philosophy

We believe that an efficient development process is one that involves the customer at every step. Our engineers work directly with customers as an extension of their engineering team, to facilitate a process that moves smoothly and swiftly. Because our focus is on our customers’ success, we succeed when they succeed. We place a high priority on responsiveness and strive to address questions and concerns as promptly as possible.

Our Facility

We selected our new manufacturing facility with specific understanding of the qualification process for biomedical textiles. As US BioDesign continues to grow and expand we can do so without the need for relocation. This will enable us to operate cost-effectively well into the future.

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Your goal is to get your product to market as quickly as possible – that’s our goal too. To discuss your project with one of our engineers, contact US BioDesign today.